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Working for Salford

Our Values and the Spirit of Salford

Here at Salford we are people focussed and values based. The Spirit of Salford is tangible and our values of pride, passion, people and personal responsibility capture this spirit and expectations of the city and they inform the way we operate. They influence our choices, behaviours and how we make decisions and transform services. Living the values day in and day out creates a supportive environment which allows us 'to be the best we can be' and achieve our vision. The Spirit of Salford represents our culture, our social conscience and pride – our organisation is about people and the communities that we serve. We are renowned for our resilience and coping positively with change, we make the most of opportunities.

We live and breathe our values in everything we do. Our annual employee awards recognise our people for living our values day in and day out, we also recognise our manager, team and employee of the year. We also recognise our colleagues who’ve been with us for 25 years.

Our Commitment

Our people are at the heart of delivering our vision for ‘a better and fairer Salford for all’. Salford is a place for everyone to thrive – a place where everyone cares and everyone counts and we are committed to creating 'a great place to work.

Diversity and Inclusion

Every person is different but equal, and everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged. We are committed to developing a culture which respects individuals, appreciates difference and allows everyone regardless of background to reach their full potential. We work closely with our established employee network groups (BME, Equal in Salford and LGBT) to make positive changes. We are proud to be an accredited disability confident employer and we are working with Stonewall, Europe’s largest, lesbian, gay, bi and trans charity to create a truly inclusive workplace. We are also prioritising engagement with our working carers and are in the process of setting up a carers network and piloting a carers passport to support our employees to balance work and caring responsibilities. We have also committed to the Greater Manchester Workforce Race Equality Standard which is a collaboration of public sector employers across the Greater Manchester working together to tackle race inequality in the workplace.

Pay And Living Wage

At Salford, we believe in paying a fair wage, not a minimum wage. That’s why we were the first council in Greater Manchester to pay the full foundation living wage and to be accredited as a foundation living wage employer. Jobs are graded based on the requirements of the role. Each grade has a number of levels which you will move up each April until you reach the top.

Pension – Secure, flexible and tax efficient

When you join you will be enrolled into the Local Government Pension scheme, some people will be eligible for different schemes. This has some great benefits including tax relief on the contributions you pay, the option to exchange part of your pension for a tax free cash lump sum, and immediate valuable lump sum life cover. The amount you contribute depends on how much you are paid. For more information go to the Greater Manchester Pension Fund: www.gmpf.org.uk

Flexible Working

We have lots of different types of job at Salford – some require fixed start and finish times, some with different shift patterns to cover 24/7 services and some where there is more flexibility in how you work. 

We offer flexible working depending on the role that you do, we understand the importance of flexing to meet the needs of our people who can’t work a traditional nine to five. We are happy to talk flexible working with you and support you where we can.

We know how hard it is to juggle caring for a loved one with work so we aim to provide support and flexibility to balance caring responsibilities with work. With the introduction of our [My]Work programme we are working ‘to empower and enable our people to be smarter in how we work whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance’. How we work is changing with a shift from traditional office based working, work is no longer just somewhere we go, it’s about what we do, what we achieve and the outcomes we deliver. We want to be able to provide quicker, easier and better services to our residents and support our people to be efficient, productive and effective in their role.


Up to 33 Days Holidays

 Working here you’ll get up to 33 days holiday a year (plus bank holidays). You can carry annual leave forward from one year to the next, or alternatively you can bank up to five days a year from your entitlement so you can save your holidays for that extra special trip.

Leave Plus

You can also buy additional leave and spread the costs throughout the financial year.

Family-related Or Emergency Leave

To support you to deal with family related matters or emergencies we offer a whole range of support such as parental leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, carers leave and special leave.

Learning and Development

We believe that learning and development is really important so we offer opportunities from as soon as you start your journey with us to support you to learn, grow and develop. Talk to your manager to create your own personal development plan.

If you are joining us in a leadership role we will support you to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead highly committed, motivated teams and be a values based leader. We understand how important continuous leadership development is, as soon as you join us you will work with your manager who will support you to create a development plan which will enable you to succeed. 


In Salford we want all individuals and teams to benefit from excellent leadership. This is where our leadership behaviours and our #Leading Salford development programme comes into play. The framework sets out what great leadership looks like in Salford and the learning you can access to develop the skills and behaviours to successfully lead our people. When you join us you will be supported to attend: 

  • Our management essentials programme to help you develop the practical knowledge you will need to lead in our organisation, understand how we do things and help with the ‘I don’t know, what I don’t know‘ feeling when you first start. 
  • The #LeadingSalford leadership development programme which is based on our leadership behaviours. The four master classes will help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to meet the expectations that we have of our Salford leaders.

Leadership Qualification

You will also be offered the opportunity to gain a relevant leadership qualification (at either level 3, 5, 6 or 7). This qualification will be delivered through an apprenticeship programme. 

Apprenticeships have changed a great deal over recent years they’re now for people of any age and at any stage of their career who want to further develop their skills and knowledge and gain a qualification which go all the way up to postgraduate level.


Salford is aiming to become a Digital City, an ambition which forms part of our wider vision for a better, fairer Salford to improve resident’s lives.

We are strongly committed to digital inclusion - making sure that residents have the capability to use the internet to do things that benefit them day to day.

We have developed various innovative initiatives to ensure everyone gets the most out of digital technology, one of which is Digital You, an ambitious plan to get almost 8,000 of the most vulnerable and digitally excluded residents online by 2020.

We also want to ensure that we have a digitally inclusive workplace where all of our people have the skills and capabilities to thrive. In partnership with Barclays Bank, we are supporting a good cross section of our workforce to become Salford Digital Eagles to help fellow colleagues and residents become comfortable and confident operating online.

This approach has established itself as one of the most successful mechanisms to grow digital skills capabilities across the organisation. Over 300 active Eagles are blazing a trail to support their colleagues and residents to become comfortable and confident online. The Eagle role has constantly evolved and we are now aligning our Digital Eagles programme and our Eagles as a key enabler to support our new Digital Skills Academy.

Digital Skills Academy

The Academy is bringing key partners and digital programmes together to develop a digital skills development pathway for our whole workforce to develop their essential workplace digital skills and then move beyond this to develop more comprehensive workplace skills.

Your Voice

We recognise and positively support the principles of collective engagement, consultation and bargaining and promote trade union membership. We believe that a truly representative and effective trade union relationship supports employee engagement and enhances workforce employee relations. We enjoy a positive & constructive working relationship with the recognised trade unions, in which all parties are committed to working together and our trade union stewards are also part of our Salford 100! 

There is an established framework within which council officers and trade unions can make a positive contribution and establish good working relationships to support good employee relations, encourage workforce development and facilitate local resolution of potential disagreements. Trade union support is also available to individual members including representation as required.

Our approach to change is built around the principles of co-design with our people and our local stewards are encouraged to be actively involved throughout all stages from planning through to implementation.

The council works with the trade unions on collective matters via a joint secretary arrangement; the current joint trade union side secretary is the UNISON branch secretary.

Salford Wellbeing

Wellbeing is really important to us and we strive to support the health and wellbeing of our people, by:

  •  Creating an environment which promotes positive physical and mental health in the workplace 
  • Encouraging and supporting people to develop a healthy lifestyle 
  • Supporting people with manageable physical and mental health conditions or disabilities to maintain access to and to return to work
  • Creating a management culture of openness and communication, which actively engages with the workforce, especially during periods of change. 

Keeping Active

We offer reduced membership at Salford Community Leisure centres. With our partners we organise hundreds of events, activities and benefits for you every year. 

Your Health

Free Physio - You can access free physiotherapy sessions through our occupational health service. 

Free Counselling - We offer free confidential counselling services so you always have someone to talk to if you need to. 

Hospital Appointments and Cancer Screening - We offer up to two hours’ time off for hospital appointments and in addition we support you with time off if you need to attend for cancer screening.

Disability leave - We offer additional leave to support people who have a disability or long term health condition who may need some time for treatment or rehabilitation or may just need a period off work to adjust to a change in personal and professional circumstances. We run a number of events such as free guided walks, support national focus weeks and provide advice online always focussing on your health and wellbeing supporting you to move more, talk more and live well.

You can find out more about working for Salford here